About us

Who we are:

The Natural Language Institute is a unique language school located in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. We offer five language courses: Natural English, Español Natural, Français Naturel, Português Natural, and Natural Kids (English and Spanish for children, ages 3-8).





What makes us unique


A natural method

Teaching “naturally” means implementing the same process we all go through in learning our first language as a strategy for learning a second, third, or fourth language.

Our teachers create an environment where only English is spoken at all times.



Native teachers

Clearly a native speaker is best equipped to model a language. Only a native English speaker knows the natural way the language is used in any situation, whether formal or informal.

NLI teachers are trained in our method and on how to conduct successful classes, which address a wide range of objectives.



No book!

For all levels other than basic we do not use textbooks so that students can develop their language skills naturally on any topic without the limitations of traditional ESL books. Instead, teachers base class discussions on news articles, novels, movies, songs, and other things relevant to student objectives.

For Basic 1 students we use a book that we wrote ourselves. It is based around common essential vocabulary and it equips students with survival English in 6 months.



Our students


We offer different modules of classes for individual students or for small groups of up to 6 students.


Adult professionals


The great majority of our students are adults with a wide variety of different backgrounds. Student objectives are to become fluent in English in any type of situation. Many have work-related objectives where they have to be prepared to participate in and conduct meetings and presentations.



Recently we have added several teens to our list of students. Classes follow the same natural method and typically include more conversation-based games and interactive activities that are age appropriate.


In 2011 we started a brand new course called Natural Kids geared especially toward children between the ages of 3 and 8. We have a fully equipped classroom, and class time is packed full of fun, interactive activities. NK teachers have an assistant at all times.



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