The Natural Language Institute is committed to offering its students cultural learning opportunities outside of the classroom environment, and immersion programs are an excellent way to achieve these experiences by exploring other cultures. The institute has developed these programs to enhance student proficiency of a foreign language in a way that is both highly effective and fun!

  An immersion program is an intensive learning experience focusing on one subject-in this case, the English language-in an environment free of distractions. The goal of an immersion is for the student to improve speaking proficiency and acquire essential skills related to the foreign language and its culture.

The Natural Language Institute presents
the Natural English Total Immersion Weekend

  The Natural English Total Immersion Weekend is a highly effective, intensive language learning experience. The combination of the Natural Language Institute’s (NLI) native speaking instructors and unique approach to learning is unrivaled in Brasilia.

  The program consists of three days and two nights in a wonderful Brasilia location. Every aspect of the weekend is a carefully planned opportunity to learn and practice English while having fun and meeting new people.

  Each day includes sumptuous meals and a series of dynamic, interactive classes and activities that are specially designed to be progressive, fun, and informative. Topics covered will range from etiquette and culture to academic, business, and travel English. Traditional classroom instruction will be interspersed with problem solving challenges and social events.


  The weekend provides over 25 hours of practical English learning. Assuming that most students who study at a traditional course meet once or twice per week for 60 or 90 minutes, this program is comparable to 12 to 15 weeks of classroom study concentrated in one weekend! The time saving benefit combined with both the quality of instruction and accommodations is a value that simply cannot be matched.